Water is probably one of the most valuable resources and it is in short supply. Yet we continuously waste thousands of litres of rainwater each time it rains.

Burgess and Partners Plumbing Services offers an easy, and affordable solution for individual home owners, industrial or commercial property owners to take advantage of this free supply of water.

By collecting the rainwater in either an individual tank or series of rainwater tanks, rainwater becomes ideal for watering gardens, topping up swimming pools and ponds, washing cars and driveways or even plumbed into the irrigation system

We can also adapt the system with a filtration system so that Rainwater can even be used for flushing of toilets.

We have a range of Rainwater tank options to suit any application and they come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours. There are a number of accessories available including pre-filtration units and leaf catchers.

We have our own “Plug and Spray” Booster pump system for smaller gardens and a larger range of booster pump systems for irrigation and larger installations.

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