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A burst pipe either in a residential home, office, factory, warehouse or in a driveway can be a devastating experience. From a small leak to a major burst pipe the consequential damage that is caused can be costly. A burst pipe is caused by various factors: old age, corrosion, incorrect installation, high water pressure, inferior quality of materials, extremely cold temperatures.

Burgess Plumbing will attend to any burst pipe under any circumstances.


Our trained technicians will excavate and locate the leak where required, assess the problem and use the correct fittings to repair. In certain circumstances repairs would be undertaken but recommendations would be made to either replace a section of the pipe or replace the entire water main. In some instances it would be cost effective to rather put the money that would be spent on a major repair towards a new water main.

For burst pipe inquiries, contact us below:

Thank you. We will get back to you shortly!

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