Burgess Plumbing has a specialised high pressure water jetting division that has a range of specialised equipment that can cater for the needs of any type of blocked drain whether it be sewer, waste or stormwater.


Due to the rising concerns with hygiene, we have added an optional extra of placing Germitol into the water supply used for jetting on specific sites and applications which ensures a clean and hygienic result. The powerful germicidal, antibacterial and fungicidal action is due to Benzalkonium chloride. Benzalkonium chloride destroys metabolic activities of micro-organisms and also inactivates cell proteins by coagulating them. Germitol ensures excellent cleansing and rapid disinfection. It destroys spores as well as vegetative forms and thus

creates a sterile atmosphere.

Our High Pressure Water Jetting Machine with its 500L storage tank and 100m high pressure hose all mounted on a trailer is used in various drain cleaning applications. Whether its cleaning out stormwater drains and manholes to clear out sand, mud, sludge, grease and rubble or doing a thorough wash out of a sewer or stormwater drain, our results are guaranteed.

Our trained technicians are skilled enough to make sure that you have peace of mind that no matter what type of cleaning needs to be done it will be carried out in the most professional way with the latest technology and equipment.

Talk to our technician about our High Pressure Water Jetting Machine to do a thorough clean out of your stormwater downpipes or use it for a high pressure wash out on domestic and industrial gutters. The build-up of sand and leaves in a gutter will lead to eventual corrosion and it can cause gutters to overflow in heavy storms back inside a building or house where the consequential damage could be costly. Dont wait until it’s too late, call our control center or speak to our friendly technician on site for further advice.

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