Due to the rising concerns with hygiene, we have added an optional extra of placing Germitol into the water supply used for jetting on specific sites and applications which ensures a clean and hygienic result. The powerful germicidal, antibacterial and fungicidal action is due to Benzalkonium chloride. Benzalkonium chloride destroys metabolic activities of micro-organisms and also inactivates cell proteins by coagulating them. Germitol ensures excellent cleansing and rapid disinfection. It destroys spores as well as vegetative forms and thus creates a sterile atmosphere.


Our High Pressure Water Jetting Machine with its 500L storage tank and 100m high pressure hose all mounted on a trailer is used in various drain cleaning applications. Whether its cleaning out stormwater drains and manholes to clear out sand, mud, sludge, grease and rubble or doing a thorough wash out of a sewer or stormwater drain, our results are guaranteed.

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