Leak Detection

Water is one of our countries most precious commodities. Thousands of litres of water go to waste every day. Did you know that a 0,5mm hole in a pipe can waste up to 475 litres of water in 24hrs (based on 5 bar pressure)


A leaking pipe is caused by various factors:

  • Old Age

  • Corrosion

  • Incorrect Installation

  • High Water Pressure

  • Inferior Quality of materials

  • Extremely Cold Temperatures


How would you know if you had a leaking water pipe?:

  • The continuous sound of running water even though all the taps are off and there are no geyser overflows.

  • Has your water account escalated for no reason?

  • There are signs of damp walls, paving or grass.

  • Luke warm water from the geyser and there are warm areas on your floor, especially in bathroom or kitchen floors or walls.


Burgess and Partners Plumbing Services have an early warning metering system that can be monitored to tell you if you have a leak. Contact Us for more information.