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To ensure that your home and garden, office block, warehouse or factory is safe from the risk of water damage, you will need to have a form of underground drainage installed.  An effective and unobtrusive method that we use is subsoil drainage. A combination of various systems is used – in particular bidum cloth, concrete stone and a geo-pipe. A subsoil drainage system is designed to be installed underground in order to remove excessive water from the soil, so that it doesn’t cause damage to buildings or landscaped areas.


Because the drains are buried beneath the soil, they should be designed and installed during the landscaping or building stage if possible in order to get the best results. Drains can always be installed to existing homes, offices and factories if this type of water problem arises unexpectedly. If you think that you need subsoil drainage in your property, Burgess Plumbing will assess and design a system suitable for the problematic area. 

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