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Our High-Pressure Water Jetting Machine with its 100m high-pressure hose used in various drain cleaning applications is the perfect solution for cleaning out the stormwater drains from flat roofs.
The build-up of leaves, sand, dust, and other foreign objects over the winter months tend to settle around the outlets of these drains and rooftops.
When the rains start these drains tend to block up on the roof causing possible flooding and even internal damage to properties.
By taking a proactive view this can be avoided by letting us do a thorough high-pressure wash and clean out of the outlets and drain pipes from roof to ground level giving you peace of mind.   


Whether its cleaning out stormwater drains and manholes to clear out sand, mud, sludge, grease and rubble or doing a thorough wash out of a sewer or stormwater drains, our results are guaranteed.

For high pressure jetting inquiries, contact us below:

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