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Water Deliveries

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Burgess Water’s bulk water delivery service plays a pivotal role in ensuring access to a vital resource: clean, potable water.


Our specialized trucks are equipped with large tanks capable of transporting thousands of litres of water to locations where a reliable water supply may be limited or unavailable. Whether it's for construction sites, industrial operations, emergency relief efforts, business continuity, domestic use, bulk water truck delivery services are essential for meeting diverse water needs.


We adhere to strict quality and safety standards to guarantee that the water delivered is free from contaminants and safe for consumption or specific industrial applications. This service not only contributes to the smooth functioning of various industries but also serves as a lifeline during crises, making it an indispensable component of modern infrastructure and disaster response efforts.

  • 1. What services do we offer?
    We help you through the process by consulting with you about your specific requirements We provide you with different solutions for your needs We supply you with the hardware: Inverters, batteries, solar panels, components And we can also assist with the installation
  • 2. Am I covered during load shedding?
    It depends on your consumption and how many batteries you have. If you’re mindful of your consumption, you’ll have enough power to cover a normal 2.5 or 4-hour load shedding cycle.
  • 3. Can I start with just an inverter & battery and add solar panels later?
    Absolutely! All our systems are modular and can be expanded on as and when necessary, or when additional capital becomes available. Solar panels can be incorporated into an inverter and battery system, and similarly, additional panels and batteries can be added to an existing setup.
  • 4. Do you do site inspections prior to installation?
    Yes we do. Simply request a pre-site visit prior to your installation. One of our expert managers will come out to advise on the best place for the equipment and answer any questions you have.
  • 5. Pros and cons to installing an inverter vs. installing the full solar & backup package?
    It is mostly about finding the right solution for your household and its specific requirements and budget. Backup options draw power from the grid to store in batteries for later use while solar systems draw power from the sun and convert this into electricity for the household to use immediately or at a later stage.
  • 6. Are there any permits and compliance documents that I will need?
    Burgess Energy will supply you with an Electrical Certificate of Compliance.
  • 7. How does a backup power system integrate into a distribution board?
    A. Typically one would like to exclude high energy consumption appliances that are not essential / critical with regards to being supplied with backup power. Examples of non-essential appliances are stoves, ovens, geysers, pool pumps, underfloor heating, aircon units etc. B. The DB board will need to be divided up in two sections (Essential loads & non-essential loads) or in the event there isn't enough space in the existing DB board, an extra DB board will be added next to the existing DB board. C. The one section of the DB board (or new external DB board where required) will be supplied by both grid power and backup power as this will be the essential loads. The other section of the DB board will be supplied by grid power only as this will be the non-essential loads. D. A new additional earth leakage protection switch will be installed to ensure each section (Essential loads & non-essential loads) have their own dedicated ELP.E. The live and neutral wires for the essential loads will be identified and moved over to the applicable section of the DB board (or new external DB board where required).
  • 8. What guarantees and warranties does Burgess Energy offer?
    Burgess Energy takes full responsibility for the quality of our installations, ensuring that they are completed to the highest standard using only our approved products. We also service the product warranties on behalf of our clients. Inverters typically come with a 1-year warranty, and the batteries come with a 5-year warranty. This means that if you encounter any issues with the products, you just need to contact us and we’ll handle the rest.
  • 9. How does the payment process work?
    We accept EFTs, card payments and cash. We do not offer subscription services or loans but we can assist in directing you to the right platforms dependant on who you bank with. We do require a deposit prior to commencement of work. Don’t worry, we have been in business for over 40 years and your money is safe with us.
  • 10. How long does the installation process take with Burgess Energy?
    Each installation is different. We will advise you based on the state of your distribution board, specific requests you might have or the type of equipment you want installed. For a standard installation, the estimated time is 1 day (8 hours).

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