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Founded in 1978, Burgess Plumbing is the national leader in Plumbing, Water and Energy solutions & services and water solutions. Through our commitment to the plumbing industry and our standard of service, we maintain our value, integrity, honesty and trust within our company, to our staff, our stakeholders and most importantly our customers. We at Burgess Plumbing have built and will continue to build and improve on our specialist services, respect and recognition. Our goal is to maintain the brand  that is Burgess Plumbing has within the industry and the public at large.


To ensure total customer satisfaction in both technical and service areas. To continually review and improve our service with the aim of widening our clientele base ensuring client loyalty and increase market share. To ensure that our fees are comparable with the service we provide. To maintain a business renowned for its innovative and passionate approach to customer satisfaction.

To encourage growth, loyalty and commitment with all our employees.

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