Specialised Drain Cleaning

Burgess Plumbing has a specialised Drain Cleaning division that has a range of specialised equipment that can cater for the needs of any type of blocked drain whether it be sewer, waste or stormwater.

The equipment used for the drain cleaning consists of:

Electro Roto Machines used for the unblocking of residential and commercial drains ranging from 110mm to 160mm sewer pipes.

Hand Springs used specifically for the cleaning of 50mm and 75mm waste water pipes from basins,baths,showers,sinks,washing machines and dishwashers.

Portable High Pressure Water Jetting is used in more difficult and space restricted areas where our drain cleaning machine can be wheeled into almost any dwelling, fits into a lift and can be taken to any floor on a building. It is used for the cleaning of 50mm,75mm and 110mm waste, soil and stormwater pipes.

Our High Pressure Water Jetting Machine with its 500L storage tank and 100m high pressure hose all mounted on a trailer is used in various drain cleaning applications. Whether its cleaning out stormwater drains and manholes to clear out sand, mud, sludge, grease and rubble or doing a thorough wash out of a sewer or stormwater drains our results are guaranteed.

Other benefits of our High Pressure Water Jetting Machine is where we can clean out stormwater downpipes or use it for high pressure wash outs of domestic and industrial gutters.