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Burgess Plumbing has a specialised Drain Cleaning division that has a range of specialised equipment that can cater for the needs of any type of blocked drain whether it be sewer, waste or stormwater.

It is well known that bacteria and viruses travel through and live in sewerage drainage systems. These are the nastiest of the nasties such as Hepatitis; E-coli; Giardiasis; SARS, Threadworm ; Hookworm; Ebola to names a few. 


Now with the current pandemic of Covid-19 hitting home and past pandemics of SARS and Ebola there has been a renewed focus on hygiene and sanitation by the public and scientists are rapidly conducting new studies on how these infections spread. We are being forced to face problems humanity dealt with many years ago but now have the understanding and technology to know what causes these infections, why they spread and how to help prevent them. The Bill Gates Foundation has poured millions of Dollars into providing better sanitation to suffering 3rd world countries where these infections kill people every day.

Portable High Pressure Water Jetting is used in more difficult and space restricted areas where our drain cleaning machine can be wheeled into almost any dwelling, fits into a lift and can be taken to any floor on a building. It is used for the cleaning of 50mm,75mm and 110mm waste, soil and stormwater pipes.

Germitol is a powerful disinfectant which has detergent properties. Its powerful germicidal, antibacterial and fungicidal action is due to Benzalkonium chloride. Benzalkonium chloride destroys metabolic activities of microorganisms and also inactivates cell proteins by coagulating them. It not only kills live bacteria, viruses and funguses but also destroys them in their vegetative states as well as spores and cists. At Burgess Plumbing we use this chemical to clean drainage equipment to get rid of odours and protect our technicians.

It is time to look at hygiene and health from a different perspective, from below the surface so to speak. Burgess Plumbing service some of the top hospitals, food manufacturers and fast food chains in South Africa and also have a responsibility for the health and wellbeing of their technicians. For this reason we are constantly looking to innovate and provide solutions to problems around hygiene, pests and bad odours common in our industry. We have been supplying a wide range of products to combat these issues, long before the recent pandemic we are facing.

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