Grease Trap Services

A grease trap should be checked regularly and thoroughly cleaned to ensure its proper performance. Overflows, smells and odours, drainage problems are signs that a grease trap is not functioning correctly.

Over the last ten years Government has enacted laws and regulations to safeguard the sewers against damaging pollutants, (Fat ,grease and cooking oil) thereby forcing all users of the sewer system to respect there civic responsibility. These regulations are similar to the strict illegality of the disposal of effluent into the storm-water drains, which causes pollution of rivers, the ground water and degradation of communal amenities.

 As covered in the Ekurhuleni waste water by law MI197/2001. Where the penalties are clearly explained being either imprisonment time or a large fine depending on the severity of the offence.

Burgess Plumbing supply grease trap cleaning services for all types of industry being restaurants, factories, shopping center’s as well as corporate buildings with large staff canteens.

We have designed and patented our own unique system. The “TORNADO” which is specifically designed for use in the open work environment to prevent any mess or smell from entering the building or restaurant, therefore allowing us to conduct our services during working hours.  

For larger underground grease traps we have a Vacumn tank which can suck and remove all excess fats.

We are fully licensed and registered to be Hazardous waste carriers (GPT-00-144). The effluent that is collected by us is disposed of and treated at various treatment plants.